The Scrambler


Real Name
First Appearance
Adventures into the Unknown #98
Team Affiliations
Base of Operations
time travel, reality manipuation
Skills and Abilities
inventor, scientist
Scrambler device

Origin Edit

"I wish to apologize for my inventions always have so many gremlins in them!" -- Dr. Ikobewati

John Delson and his wife, Bess, are shocked and confused to awake to the drastic movement of Bald Mountain near their Arizona home. After seeing a lion chasing after a gazelle, the Delsons are further perplexed. Dr. Ikobewati, a creature from another time dimension, reveals himself to the Delsons. He informs them of the errors of his Scrambler device might be caused by his traveling from another dimension in time. He further states that he is the "first man to cross from one world into another."

The buttons on the contrivance he wears on his chest cause distortions in reality. He transfers a black panther and a giraffe from Africa, but the two creatures arrive with their heads switched. The panther's head on the giraffe's body and vice versa. Sending them away again, he tweaks the device. The results are to create an abstract landscape where the Delsons hold hands to maneuver. When the world is set right again, John argues that the device is too useless. To respond, Dr. Ikobewati makes John and Bess young again. Dr. Iobewati returns to his own dimension, while the Delsons have a new lease on life. They return to city life in a city where they are not known.

Powers and abilities Edit

The Scrambler distorts reality. He can scramble reality. He can separate his body into sections without damage. He can travel through dimensions of time.

Appearances Edit

  • Adventures into the Unknown #98
  • Unknown Worlds #32
  • Astounding Stories #14
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