The Seven


First Appearance
The Boys #3 (November, 2006)
Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson
The Homelander, Starlight (Annie January), Queen Maeve, A-Train, Black Noir, Jack from Jupiter, The Deep, Mister Marathon, Lamplighter
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Rallying Cry
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The Seven is a self-absorbed superhero team in the comic book series The Boys.[edit | edit source]

Origin[edit | edit source]

The Seven were the seven most powerful heroes genetically engineered by the government created to fight threats and uphold the status quo.

☀The Seven are the world's premier superhero team and a pastiche of DC Comics Justice League. The Seven were created by Vought-American through injecting perfected Compound V into the fetuses of women who "wouldn't be missed", resulting in superheroes significantly more powerful than any others. The Seven's members care little about their advertised ideals and are more concerned about merchandising rights. They have shown grave incompetence in the face of the serious crises they are supposedly meant to solve; during the September 11 attacks, their efforts to land one of the hijacked planes resulted in the death of one member and the destruction of the Brooklyn Bridge, causing a significant public relations setback for both the team and VA.

The team has a deal with the Boys that neither group will take action against the other, following an incident that saw Lamplighter kill Mallory's grandchildren and the Boys kill Lamplighter to prevent mutually assured destruction. The Seven, in public act like superheroes should:saving and rescuing people, fighting criminals, and etc. But in reality, The Seven are narcissistic, hedonistic, and psychopathic, committing numerous crimes against civilians and each other out of a belief that their status allows them to do whatever they want. The heroes shown in the series are also utterly incompetent, as they were not trained in urban tactics, police procedure, or rescue operations so as to avoid the wrath of the police and military who they would effectively replace. The Seven are especially notorious, and use Vought-American's money to fund a lavish and amoral lifestyle. However, the superheroes are careful not to offend VA lest they lose their cash flow.

Members:[edit | edit source]

The Homelander (Superman parody)

Black Noir (Batman parody)

Queen Maeve (Wonder Woman parody)

Mister Marathon (Flash parody)

The Deep (Aquaman parody)

Jack From Jupiter (Martian Manhunter parody)

The Lamplighter (Green Lantern parody)



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