Real Name
Sergeant Mike Cosgrove
First Appearance
Freakazoid, "Dance of Doom"
Bruce Timm, Paul Dini
Team Affliations
The Washington, D.C. Police Force
Base of Operations
Washington, D.C.
Skills and Abilities
Experienced Police Officer, Getting people to "Cut it out".

Sergeant Mike Cosgrove (most times, simply Cosgrove) is a supporting characte in the animated TV series Freakazoid. Sgt. Cosgrove is best friends with Freakazoid. He knows Freakazoid's secret identity, his family, and where he lives. He is also so good at his job, he can simply sense when a crime is going on and often criminals give up when he simply says "Cut it out". He is often seen asking Freakazoid to join him in some fun activity, often distracting him from his mission. However, in the middle of their activity, Cosgrove often shares some key information to Freakazoid's case.

Sgt. Mike Cosgrove is voiced by Ed Asner.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Why and when Cosgrove decided to become a cop have never been revealed.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The early years of Cosgrove are never really made known in the series. All that is known is that he appears on the scene in the aftermath of Freakazoid's first adventure, making him feel better after losing his friend Roddy by offering him a snowcone. He then inspires Freakazoid to become a superhero by suggesting that it would be a good way to attract the ladies.

From then on, Cosgrove becomes Freakazoid's closest friend and confidant, taking him out to fun places whenever they meet and giving him life advice (usually with the caveat "That's what I'd do... but that's just me."') He rarely actually gets directly involved in his adventures until the episode "Mission: Freakazoid", in which Freakazoid's closest friends team up to save the Douglas family (and in which he learns Freakazoid's true identity).

Later, in the episode "Virtual Freak", he and Freakazoid find themselves trapped in a video game by the Lobe and eventually escape. In the episode, "A Matter of Love", Cosgrove falls for a woman he loves, only to learn that she is secretly a monster intent on using Freakazoid's life force to continue her eternal youth. Cosgrove is forced to stop the love of his life to save Freakazoid.

Cosgrove, along with Freakazoid's friends and enemies also get trapped on an island in the episode "The Island of Dr. Mystico", where they must escape a mad scientist named Dr. Mystico who wants to use all of them in his experiments. After a few more cameos and smaller parts, Cosgrove returns in the series finale with the rest of the cast to sing "We'll Meet Again".

Personality[edit | edit source]

Cosgrove is a cop who seems curmudgeonly on the surface, but underneath he has the same irreverent interests as Freakazoid. He also acts as a mentor to Freakazoid, offering sound advice, though often non-committal (he often adds the phrase "That's what I'd do, but that's just me" to all pieces of advice). He and Freakazoid have a deep friendship based on Cosgrove offering to take Freakazoid somewhere fun and interesting (even in the middle of a mission) and Freakazoid accepting.

Skills and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Sgt. Cosgrove is a police Sergeant, so it can be safe to say he has at least basic police training and skills. He also seems to be very skilled at dissuading criminals or even those who are bothering him, simply by telling them to "knock it off".

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