Real Name
Day of Vengeance #1 (June, 2005)
Bill Willingham
O'Blivion Bar
Blue Devil, Detective Chimp, Enchantress, Nightmaster, Nightshade, Ragman, Warlock's Daughter, Zauriel
Rallying Cry
Vehicles and Gadgets

Shadowpact is a superhero team in the DC Universe made up of its various magicians and heroes effected by magic.


When the world of magic was threatened by the Spectre, a ragtag group of magical superheroes came together to stop him and decided to stay together to safeguard the supernatural world.


Throughout history and for reasons unknown, the name Shadowpact has been used by heroes fighting for lost causes and have all met unfortunate ends.  The all-powerful embodiment of God's wrath, the Spectre, was manipulated by the entity Eclipso intro declaring war against magic.  With the magic community in peril, a few magical heroes in the O'Blivion Bar (a bar run by the magical superhero Nightmaster) decided to work together to save their lives and the world.  The wayward heroes Detective Chimp (a super intelligent talking ape), Blue Devil (a former stuntman turned into a demon), The Enchantress (a sorceress), the Nightmaster (a former rocker turned mystical soldier and Ragman (a man who used scraps of clothing to tap into the powers of their owners) formed a team and began work on a suicide mission against the Spectre.

Though the motley crew, with the assistance of some other high-ranking magic users and entities, fought valiantly, they were not able to stop the Spectre from destroying the Rock of Eternity, a place of great power, which threatened to destroy magic and the world itself.

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