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Silver Surfer

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Real Name
Norrin Radd
First Appearance
The Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #48 (March, 1966)
Jack Kirby
Team Affliations
Heralds of Galactus, United Front, The Defenders, The Order, Star Masters, God Squad, Annihilators
Base of Operations
None (Nomadic)
Endowed with the Power Cosmic, that allows, among other powers, faster than light speed, matter transmutation and flight
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience, Great Intelligence and Wisdom
Tools and Weapons

The Silver Surfer is a superhero in the Marvel Universe and a former herald of Galactus.


In order to protect his planet from the god-like force known as Galactus, Norrin Radd became Galactus' herald, the Silver Surfer, finding planets for him to devour and to warn its inhabitants to leave.  When the Surfer betrayed Galactus to betray the Earth, he was given his freedom at the cost of being trapped on Earth and, later, finding that his home planet was now hidden from him. He became the sentinel of the spaceways, using his power cosmic to help those in need while searching for his home planet.


Norrin Rad[]

Norrin Radd was born on the planet Zenn-La, which was a planet whose technologically-advanced peoples created a utopia that had overcome war, poverty, crime, hunger, poverty, disease and want.  Norrin was born to parents who were both unique in this world: his mother Elmar who found the utopia of Zenn-La to be suffocating to the point that she committed suicide and his father Jartan, who was unusually ambititious for a man from Zenn-La raised Norrin to be intensively intellectual.  Later Jartan would commit suicide after being accused of idea theft (but not before fathering another son with a new lover, Ferran, unknown to Norrin).

While most other residents of Zenn-La enjoyed their freedom from want by embracing hedonism, Norrin sought knowledge, education, to achieve more and to improve himself in anyway possible.  He would later meet and fall in love with the woman Shalla Ball and the two became longtime lovers.  In a peaceful but decadent world, Norrin began to hunger for the kind of challenge and adventure that he had read about in books detailing the history of Zenn-La.

The Herald of Galactus[]

Eventually, the world of Zenn-La was approached by Galactus, a god-like being that devours the life energy of worlds, who intended to do the same to Zenn-La.  Norrin was able to persude the planets Council of Elders to give Norrin a space ship confront Galactus in the hopes of finding a way to convince him not to destroy Zenn-La.  When Norrin met with Galactus, he suggested he become his herald, to find worlds for him to devour in exchange for saving Zenn-La.  Galactus agreed, embuing him with some of his cosmic power and transforming him into a silver skinned being with a flying board Galactus dubbed the Silver Surfer.  From then, the Silver Surfer left his homeworld to serve Galactus, seeking out planets that could provide him with the sustainence he needed.

For many years onward (possibly around 100 years), the Surfer traveled the galaxy serving his master by finding him world rich with non-sentient life and learning of the wonders of the universe firsthand.  However, the Surfer found it increasingly difficult for world's to feed on where he would not also devour sentient life.  His hunger for world's overwhelming him, Galactus decided to subtly dim the memories and emotions of the Surfer, making him more willing to take him to worlds with sentient life.

Arrival on Earth[]

Eventually, the Surfer arrived on Earth, gaining the attention of a being known as Uatu, who was part of a race called the Watchers, who watch the cosmos recording its events and history.  Once on Earth, the Surfer warned its people of the coming of Galactus to their world, gaining the attention of the Fantastic Four, a superhero team.  There, the Surfer met Alicia Masters, a friend of the Fantastic Four who believed in the Surfer's nobility and convinced him to try and spare mankind from Galactus.  The Surfer used his powers to try to distract Galactus while the Fantastic Four, under the guidance of the alien known as The Watcher, acquire the Ultimate Nullifier, the most dangerous weapon in the universe.  The Surfer was able to succeed in helping the Four convince Galactus to retreat or face the Nullifer, but as punishment for his betrayal, Galactus cursed the Surfer to be trapped on Earth.

Life on Earth[]

Trapped on Earth, the Surfer was overcome with melancholy, though tried to understand his new home by wandering it.  After a pointless fight with the Thing (over his friendship with Alicia), Surfer thought he had found a friend in Victor von Doom, the ruler of the small nation of Latveria.  However, Doom betrayed him and used his fantastic scientific technology to steal the power cosmic from the Surfer in order to possess it for himself.  Doom was eventually tricked into the barrier designed to keep the Surfer on Earth and as a consequence Doom lost his powers and the Surfer regained them.

Wandering the Earth, the Surfer's view on the beings he sacrificed so much to save became increasingly dim, and his attempt to befriend a fellow outcast, the monstrous Hulk, worked out poorly due to the Hulk's infamous temper.


Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, in this film all his power was on his surfboard or at least most of it, and he appears in the cartoon Super Hero Squad Show because of the fame of the film, but he has appeared before before in the animated cartoons of the Fantastic Four.

Powers and Equipment[]

He has the cosmic power gving him:superhuman strength, endurance, and senses and the ability to absorb and manipulate the universe's ambient energy,  has no nned for sleep, eating, air and water, can survived hyperspace, stars, black holes and deep space and of course any planet's natural enviroment,can create illusions, black holes,  bolts powerful enough to destory planets, can heal living organism can see in the future,can create interdemensional portals, can phase through solid walls, has silver board that the surfer commands it telephatically nearly indestructible