Sky High

Sky High.jpg

Notable Residents
Will Stronghold, Layla Williams, Gwen Grayson
First Appearance
Sky High (2005)
Points of Interest
Classrooms, Gym, Principal's Office

Sky High is a high school for superheroes that appears in the movie Sky High.

History[edit | edit source]

The origins of Sky High are unknown.  What is known is that it is a school that caters exclusively to students who intend to become superheroes.  For students without powers, there is also a "Hero Support" program to train superheroes to become sidekicks.  The staff and faculty consist of superheroes with the exception of a bus driver named Ron Wilson.

When Will Stronghold, son of two prominent superheroes, joined the school despite the lack of super-powers, he entered "Hero Support".  There he met various awkward young super-powered individuals and was joined by his best friend Layla, who entered to protest the "two track" system of the school.  Eventually, after Will is promoted from Hero Support after developing his own powers, he is manipulated by the villainess Royal Pain into letting her into his house for a party to steal an old weapon.  Sometime later, she and her assistants attacked the school, turning the faculty and much of the student body into infants.  Eventually, Stronghold and his friends defeated Pain and saved the school.

Notable Residents[edit | edit source]

The entire staff and faculty is made up of people with superpowers and ties to the superhero community.

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