Real Name
Steve Harmon
First Appearance
Slapstick #1, November (1992)
Len Kaminski, James Fry
Team Affliations
The New Warriors, The Initiative, Counter Force
Base of Operations
New York City
Living Cartoon
Skills and Abilities
Prankster Expertise
Weapons and Tools
Various Classic Cartoon Weapons (anvils, mallets, bombs, etc.)

Slapstick (Steve Harmon) is a superhero in the Marvel Universe and a living cartoon character.


After entering an alien funhouse, Steve Harmon's molecular structure was altered, turning him into the living cartoon and crime fighter, Slapstick.


The Totally Awesome Origin of SlapstickEdit

Steven Harmon was born in New York City to parents who are never named. Steve Harmon was the class clown in his school in New York, often pulling pranks and telling jokes. One day, he decided to get revenge on a rival named Winston, so he dressed up like a clown and lied in wait for his rival, only to see Winston and his girlfriend Heather taken by mysterious men in clown outfits. Steve followed them into a funhouse and after entering a funhouse mirror, released a burst of energy that could be sensed by certain beings with a high sensitivity to such things. The energy scattered his molecules across 3741 dimensions until he ended up in the realm of an entity claiming himself to be the scientist supreme of Dimension X, who taught Steve to master his new form, now made up of a form of unstable molecule called electroplasm that the scientist theorized occurred when the mirror put him out of sync with reality. Steve learned this essentially made him like a living cartoon character, able to survive seemingly anything and warp reality to suit his needs.

With his new powers, he was able to release human prisoners who were being held captive by the villain Overlord.

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