Sodam Yat

Sodam Yat

Real Name
Sodam Yat
First Appearance
Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #2 (1986)
Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill
Team Affiliations
The Green Lantern Corps
Base of Operations
Daxamite powers, Green Lantern Powers, Ion Powers
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Green Lantern Ring and Battery

Sodam Yat is a superhero in the DC Universe and is foretold to become the greatest Green Lantern of all.


A young man from the planet Daxam, Sodam Yat was determined to leave his planet, despite the fact that leaving the world was forbidden.  Eventually, after saving an alien who crashed into the planet, he witnessed his parents murder him.  He was brainwashed by his people to believe that the alien was a violent menace.  When his memories eventually returned, he left his planet.  For this bravery, he was met by a Green Lantern ring, that explained he was chosen to join the Green Lanterns.



When Abin Sur went to planet Ysmult, he spoke with Qull, one of the trapped demons known as the Five Inversions.


Sodam Yat was born on the Planet Daxam to Cara and Dira Yat, his mother and father respectively.  Though the culture of Daxam is infamously xenophobic, Sodam nonetheless was curious about the stars and worlds beyond.  One night, during a meteor shower, Sodam saw a starship crash and at the crash site found an alien survivor.

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