Space Ghost

Space Ghost.jpg

Real Name
Unknown (original cartoon), Thaddeus "Tad" Ghostal (Coast to Coast), Thaddeus Bach
First Appearance
Space Ghost, "The Heat Thing"
Alex Toth
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
Nomadic (original series), Ghost Planet (Coast to Coast)
Flight, Super strength, stamina and agility, Teleportation, Invisibility (from his belt), Energy Beam (from power bands)
Skills and Abilities
Hosting Expertise (Coast to Coast)
Tools and Weapons
Power Bands, Invisibility Belt

Space Ghost is a superhero who originated in a Hanna Barbera animated TV series of the same name as well as the comedy program Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

Space Ghost has been voiced by Gary Owens (the original series), George Lowe (on the Cartoon Network series Cartoon Planet and Space Ghost Coast to Coast)

Biography[edit | edit source]

Original Adventures[edit | edit source]

Not much is known of Space Ghost's youth, but the early adventures of Space Ghost involve him fighting crime and evil across space, along with his sidekicks Jace, Jan and Blip, traveling between worlds in his ship, the Phantom Cruiser.  In his adventures, he repeatedly fought with the villains Moltar, Zorak, Black Widow, Metallus, Brak and Creature King.

Cartoon Network[edit | edit source]

Space Ghost Coast to Coast.jpg

He later appeared in a more humourous incarnation on the Cartoon Network series Cartoon Planet (where he appeared in intersitials) and as the host of the comedy talk show Space Ghost Coast to Coast.  This incarnation is of a different continuity than the original series, though it implies that the events of the original show also happened (though whether it was "real", a show within a show he starred in or all of the above is left ambiguous or fluid between episodes.  As the host of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, he contacts famous Earth celebrities and does interviews, though most turn out strangely and quite often Space Ghost is hostile towards the guests.  This version of Space Ghost claims that his real name is Tad Ghostal and he has a suave but evil brother named Chad and a cantankerous grandfather.  The other people involved with his show are his former enemies, including Zorak (now the bandleader) and Moltar (his director).  Unfortunately, his employees have little respect for him, his loose grasp on reality and his incompetance, which often leads Space Ghost to punish them with his energy beams.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Original[edit | edit source]

Space Ghost in his original cartoon is brave, honest and kind, as well as willing to do whatever it takes to help others.

Powers[edit | edit source]

Invisibility - One of Space Ghost's powers is to turn completely invisible, allowing him to stalk and maneuver around his enemies unseen.

Flight - Space Ghost has the power of flight, though it is not clear if this is a power given to him by his gadgets or something he can do naturally. He can accelerate to speed which appears to be close to light speed.

Power Bands His power bands grant him a wide variety of bean-based attacks, such as heat, cold, force, magnetism and energy among others.

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