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The Spectre

The Spectre.jpg

Real Name
Aztar [entity], Jim Corrigan [host]
First Appearance
More Fun Comics #52 (February, 1940)
Jerry Siegel, Bernard Baily
Team Affliations
Justice Society of America, All-Star Squadron, Archangels
The Spirit of Vengeance, Spirit of Redemption, Avenging Wrath of God, The Ghostly Guardian, The Man of Darkness, Raguel, Master
Base of Operations
Gotham City
Virtual omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience, Reality warping, Immortality
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience, Knowledge of cosmic events and the afterlife

The Spectre is a superhero in the DC Universe and a founding member of the Justice Society of America.


Jim Corrigan was a tough cop until he was murdered.  Sent back to avenge his death, Jim became one with an all-powerful entity dedicated to vengeance and began declaring war on evil as the Spectre.


At the beginning of the universe was the entity known as the Presence.  The Presence was so great in scope, even aspects of his self were entities onto himself; His wrath was known as Eclipso, His mercy was.known as the Radiant and His vengeance was known as Aztar, the Spectre.