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Real Name
Robert Baldwin
First Appearance
The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22 (January, 1988) [As Speedball], Civil War: Front Line #10 (January, 2007) [as Penance]
Steve Ditko, Tom DeFalco
Team Affliations
New Warriors, Damage Control, Avengers Academy, Thunderbolts, Shadow Initiative
Penance, Masked Marvel
Base of Operations
New York City
Force field generation
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons

Speedball is a superhero in the Marvel Universe and a member of the New Warriors.


After being exposed to an attempt to tap into a mysterious energy source, part time laboratory worker Robbie Baldwin gained strange powers that allowed him to generate a forcefield capable of redirecting kinetic energy.  Robbie decided to use these new powers to fight crime as Speedball.


Robert Baldwin was born to Maddie and Justin Baldwin and was raised in Springdale, Connecticut.  His parents loved him but they both pressured him in different ways; his mother  wanted him to go into the arts while his father tried to make him take law.


  • Speedball made a brief cameo appearance in the Fantastic Four animated series. He is seen in the episodes "To Battle the Living Planet" and "Doomsday".
  • Speedball can be seen in Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. He's shown in the episodes "Agent Venom" and "The Next Iron Spider" as one of the young superheroes inspired by Spider-Man on Nick Fury's list which has been hacked by Taskmaster.