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Spencer Griffith

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Real Name
Spencer Griffith
First Appearance
Star Kid (1997)
Manny Coto
Team Affiliations
Base of Operations
No information
Super Strength, Super Endurance
Skills and Abilities
Novice combatant

Spencer Griffith is a superhero and the main character in the film Star Kid.

Joseph Mazzello portrays Spencer Griffith.


After chasing what he thought was a meteorite, young boy Spencer Griffith discovers an alien super suit, which he wears and uses to protect his friends.


Spencer Griffith's life prior to the events of the film is largely unknown.  He was raised by his father Roland and grew up in a small town.  At age 12, he developed a crush at another girl at his school named Michelle.

When a meteorite crashes in his backyard, Spencer decides to investigate, only to discover that it is in fact a small alien rocket.  Inside the rocket was a "Cybor Suit", a powerful exo-skeleton with it's own artificial intelligence sent from another golaxy.  Spencer put on the suit, named "Cy", and became a superhuman.  After playing with the suit and rescuing the girl he loved, Spencer found that Cy was being hunted by an alien warrior named the Broodwarrior.  Spencer encountered the Broodwarrior and, in fear, fled from it. Cy then rejected Spencer for his fear and Spencer soon had a change of heart, wishing to be a braver person and sought out Cy once again.  Spencer, with the help of his former bully Turbo, rescued Cy from the Broodwarrior and the two merged once again.

Through a pitched battle, Spencer is able to defeat and kill the Broodwarrior using his wits, though the Cyborsuit was nearly destroyed in the process.  It seemed as though Cy would be lost, but he was saved at the last minute by the arrival of his creator, Tenris De'Thar from the Trelkin race.