The Spider

Alias the Spider.jpg

Real Name
Tom Hallaway
First Appearance
Crack Comics #1 (May, 1940)
Paul Gustavson
Team Affiliations
Seven Soldiers of Victory, All-Star Squadron
Base of Operations
No information
Skills and Abilities
Master Archer
Bow and Arrow

The Spider is a superhero and supervillain in the DC Universe with his own series of stories called Alias the Spider.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Golden Age[edit | edit source]

A rich playboy, Tom Halloway decided to use his skills to fight evil and protect the innocent

Modern Age[edit | edit source]

A rich playboy, Tom Halloway decided to create a superhero disguise to hide his secret identity as a criminal mastermind.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Quality Comics[edit | edit source]

Tom Halloway's past is largely unknown.  As an adult, he was a wealthy playboy who enjoyed big game hunter.  Hearing about criminals bullying and murdering honest citizens, Tom was inspired to fight on their behalf as a vigilante.  He took on the name The Spider and began fighting crime using a bow and arrow and his expert archery skills.

He also had a valet named Chuck who was privy to his secret identity and helped him conceal it from the public.

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