The Spirit

The Spirit.png

Real Name
Denny Colt
First Appearance
Register and Tribune Syndicate, June 2, 1940
Will Eisner
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
Central City
Skills and Abilities
Outstanding athlete, Outstanding hand-to-hand combatant, Master detective
Tools and Weapons

The Spirit (Dennis Colt) is a superhero detective created by Will Eisner.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Detective Denny Colt was seemingly murdered, but unknown to the rest of the world he has actually survived in suspended animation.  Now he's returned to fight crime anonymously as "The Spirit".

Biography[edit | edit source]

Denny Colt's early life remains largely unknown, though it is known his father was the wealthy Denny Colt, Sr.  Denny was a young detective who was seemingly murdered by criminals looking to silence him. In fact, Denny was put into suspended animation as part of the experiments of a supervillain named Dr. Cobra.  When he was re-awakened, he found that the world thought he was dead.  Afterward, Denny went to see his friend, Police Comissioner Dolan and revealed that he was still alive.  However, Denny decided not to reveal the truth to anyone else, believing that he could fight crime in secret so he wouldn't be targeted again.

Denny then began wearing a blue suit with a red tie and a domino mask and refered to himself as "The Spirit".  He gained an assistant in the youth Ebony White and funded his campaign against crime with an inheritence from his wealthy father.

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