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Real Name
Lady Jacqueline Falsworth Crichton
First Appearance
Invaders (Vol. 1) #7 (July, 1976 [as Jacqueline Falsworth]; Invaders (Vol. 1) #12 (December, 1976) [as Spitfire]
Roy Thomas, Frank Robbins
Team Affliations
MI-13, Invaders, Hellfire Club
Base of Operations
London, England
Superhuman speed, Healing factor, Sufficient super strength, Extended longevity
Skills and Abilities
Trained airplane pilot, Exceptional athlete and hand-to-hand combatant
Tools and Weapons

Spitfire is a superheroine in the Marvel Universe during World War II and a member of the superhero team the Invaders.


Gaining Powers[]

Jacqueline "Jackie" Falsworth is the daughter of the original Union Jack and was born in Maidstone, England. In World War II she served in Britain's Home Guard and during an air raid over London, Jackie found herself attacked by the vampiric villain (and Nazi sympathizer) Baron Blood. She was rescued by the android superhero the Human Torch, but not before being bitten. To thank the Human Torch, she invited the Invaders, the team the Human Torch was a member of, to her mansion for a dinner with her family. During dinner, Jackie's father revealed that he too was a superhero during World War I, a man known as Union Jack. Feeling a kinship with the Invaders, he decided then and there to let the Invaders use his house as a base of operations. However, the team, Jackie and her father were unaware that Baron Blood, who is in fact Jackie's uncle, was posing as her cousin John within the mansion. Blood attempted to kidnap Jackie and her father with the aid of a Nazi spy ring that the Invaders had been waging a war against and bit her once more during his getaway. During this time Baron Blood drank her blood, leaving Jackie in critical condition.  When the Invaders found Jackie, they rushed her to the hospital where they were told she needed an emergency blood

2 months later she had speed