Splatter Phoenix


Real Name
Melody Amber Phoenix
First Appearance
Darkwing Duck, "A Brush With Oblivion"
Tad Stones
Team Affliation
Base of Operations
St. Canard
Can travel through art
Skills and Abilities
Skilled Artist
Special Paintbrush

Splatter Phoenix is an art obsessed super-villainess from the animated TV series Darkwing Duck.

Splatter Pheonix was voiced by Dani Staahl (in "Brush with Oblivion") and Andrea Martin (in "Paint Misbehavin'").


Where Splatter's powers came from are unknown.


Melody Amber "Splatter" Phoenix's past remains a complete mystery, though she is apparently a sentient painting herself.  She first appeared as an artist turned criminal who felt that her extremely unusual art style was not properly appreciated by audiences.  She begins to use her powers to travel into and out of paintings to begin a crime spree, only to be witnessed by Honker, a young boy who was a friend to the superhero Darkwing Duck.  Though no one believed Honker at first, Darkwing learned the truth and was able to stop her, despite being bamboozled by her strange abilities to travel through paintings.

The next time Darkwing faced Phoenix, she found a way to make her painting abilities more powerful, even capable of painting monsters into existance and changing the forms of other things into the styles she paints.  After another battle between the two, Splatter was covered in terpentine, melting and revealing that she herself was a living painting.


Splatter Phoenix's melted remains where used by the villain the Phantom Blot.  The Blot gave them to a comic book artist at a convention and had someone ask for a drawing of Splatter using the ink that made up her body.  She then wreaked havoc at the comic book convention until Darkwing Duck, along with Honker, was able to stop her by trapping her in a comic book.


Splatter Phoenix considers herself a true artist and feels that her art isn't properly appreciated by the world.  As a result, she uses her strange powers to attack the art world she feels shunned by, including defacing works of art that she feels are overvalued compared to her own work.


The source of Splatter Phoenix powers remain unknown but she has several powers and abilities related to painting. Paint Physiology - The extent of her abilities is unclear but Splatter Phoenix is, in fact, a creature of living paint.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

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