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Star Sapphire is the name of several characters in the DC Universe, all connected in origin.


Within DC continuity, an immortal race of warrior women (the Zamarons) were depicted as having the ancient tradition of choosing physically identical mortals from across the cosmos to serve as the host body for their queen. The woman they choose to serve this role is called Star Sapphire. She is given the queen's symbolic weapon; a crystal resembling an actual star sapphire that grants the user powers similar to the power ring of a Green Lantern.

In her original appearance, Hal Jordan becomes employed at Ferris Aircraft and (after asking her to dinner) she makes it clear that she does not date employees. However, she would go on to play an on and off romantic role in his life. As Star Sapphire, she battles Jordan (as Green Lantern) for many years. This first happens as the Zamarons want to prove men are inferior, so they make her battle Green Lantern. When she is first defeated by him they take away her memory of the event, but the persona keeps resurfacing. When Jordan becomes the Spectre, he removes the Star Sapphire persona from Ferris. While seeking to inhabit the body that Jordan most desires, the Star Sapphire gem again possesses her for a brief period. Her reunion with the Star Sapphire entity is short however, as it soon learns that Jordan most desires Jillian Pearlman and as a result abandons Ferris. Though she no longer holds the singular position of Star Sapphire, she receives a violet power ring sent to her by the Zamarons. It attaches itself to her and she leaves for Zamaron to be inducted as a member of the Star Sapphire Corps. As the Queen dies at the end of Green Lantern, Carol is named queen by her predecessor.