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Steel Harbor

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Barb Wire, Motorhead, Prime Movers, Wolf Gang
First Appearance
Comics Greatest World - Barb Wire #1 (August 1993)
United States of America
Points of Interest
Prime Movers and Wolf Gang Headquarters
Metal City

Steel Harbor is a city in the Dark Horse Universe and is the home to the superheroine/antiheroine Barb Wire as well as the Wolf Gang.


The history of the founding of Steel Harbor has remained untold, as is exactly how old it is. Sometime after the Vortex was opened in Cinnbar Flats, people began developing superpowers all over America. As a result, the city of Steel Harbor became the domain for warring super-human gangs of criminals and law became impossible to enforce which lead to a non-involvement policy for superhuman related crime, This resulted in the city perpetually being left in shambles with destruction (and even corpses) littering she street. Several major gangs emerged, including the Wolf Gang and the Prime Movers. The Wolf Gang was arguable the most powerful, despite their low numbers, due to their military-level discipline, and it's leader often targeted other gangs in a way that created equilibrium to ensure no one gang would be too powerful.

The Riots of '93[]

In the summer of 1993, riots in Steel Harbor were more destructive than usual following the news that Golden City was seceding from the United States. Mace Blitzkrieg, the head of the Prime Movers, decided to consolidate all of the gangs with the Prime Movers as the leader, and soon came into opposition of the small but powerful Wolf Gang. It was implied that Mace may have been answering to someone else, due to his access to impressive legal and financial resources. Though the public believed that the attacks were connected to riots caused by the new of Golden City seceding from America, it was in fact unrelated (though Mace sent Ignition and his gang to make the riots even worse). Eventually, Barbara Kopetski opened a bar called the Hammerhead and eventually became a bounty hunter (under the alias Barb Wire) to pay for it. Others who came into the city and ended up embroiled in the war against the gangs included the mysterious Machine (a cyborg with no memory of his past) and Motorhead (a telekinetic drifter). In the final battle, Motorhead's vast telekinetic power turned the tide and left the Prime Movers defeated and the Wolf Gang victorious.

However, the riots caused large swathes of the city (in particularly Hunters Woods, Mill Heights and an abandoned nuclear power plant) which resulted in the areas becoming even more dangerous and its people becoming feral and more crime-ridden. In response, the wealthy citizens of Castle Point contracted the company Counterstrike Security to provide their own superpowered protector to help fight crime. His name was Counterstrike and was in fact a former Wolf Gang member. Meanwhile, Blitzkrieg's defeat left him with a quickly crumbling power base and while no one could oppose him directly, he was losing the support and confidence of his underlings rapidly.

The Riots of '94[]

The following year, various things had changed, including Motorhead leaving Steel Harbor. There were also special neutral zones, such as the Hammerhead Bar and Grille (owned by Barb Wire), where people from different factions could meet and socialize with relatively little fear of violence. Despite his diminishing control, Blitzkrieg was confident in victory and even attacked the Steel Harbor Police Department directly, destroying three precincts. Hunter and the Wolf Gang was sought for assistance, but declined due to their mistrust of authority and the fact that the Prime Movers weren't on their turf.

The Prime Movers were forced to retreat when faced with the combined might of Counterstrike and government controlled superhero the Titan. Eventually, Blitzkrieg ended up picking a fight with Motorhead (now depowered) and he, Barb Wire and the Wolf Gang interceded and defeated him, forcing him to retreat.