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Real Name
Cassandra Eleanor "Cassie" Lang
First Appearance
(as Cassie Lang) Marvel Premiere #47 (April, 1979)[as Cassie Lang], Young Avengers (Vol. 1) #6 (September, 2005) [as Stature], Astonishing Ant-Man #6 (May, 2016) [as Stinger]
David Michelinie, John Byrne
Team Affiliations
The Initiative, Mighty Avengers, Young Avengers
Giant-Girl [in Marvel Super-Heroes comic series]
Base of Operations
New York City
Ability to shrink and grow in size
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons

Stinger (previously Stature) is a superhero in the Marvel Universe and a member of the Young Avengers.


After her father, the superhero Ant-Man died, Cassie decided to become a hero by joining the Young Avengers, discovering her own size changing powers in the process.



Cassie Lang was born the daughter of Scott Lang and Peggy Rae.  When Cassie was just a young child, she was the victim of a congenital heart defect, which resulted in her father, who was a former thief and an electronics expert, needing the help of Doctor Erica Sondhiem.  At the time, Dr. Sondhiem, a medical genius, was kidnapped by Darren Cross, the owner of Cross Technological Enterprises.  Scott Lang ended up becoming the new Ant-Man and after defeating Cross, brought Dr. Sondhiem to save his daughter.

When her father became the new Ant-Man, it brought Cassie into contact with the superhero community, such as the Fantastic Four and inspired a desire to become a superhero herself.  When her father became an engineer for the Fantastic Four, Cassie lived in the Four Freedom's Plaza and eventually became friends with Kristoff Vernard, a boy who was once the ward of Doctor Doom.

After the Fantastic Four went missing, Scott found himself taking a new job with the Heroes for Hire.