Ultimate Storm

Real Name
Ororo Monroe
First Appearance
Ultimate X-Men #1 (February, 2001)
Mark Millar, Adam Kubert, Len Wein [original character], Dave Cockrum [original character]
Team Affiliations
X-Men, The Mutant Resistance
Base of Operations
New York City
Weather Control, Flight via Weather Control
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience

Storm (Ororo Monroe) is a superheroine in the Ultimate Marvel Universe and is based on the character of Storm from the Marvel Universe.


An illegal immigrant orphan living in Texas, Ororo Monroe was born with the mutant power of controlling the weather.  After being caught by the police in an incident where she nearly killed some children with her powers.  She was later freed by Professor X, a mutant rights activist, and brought to his school to teach her to use her powers.  She then joined his team of mutants, the X-Men, with the goal of preventing a war between humans and mutants, taking on the name Storm.


Ororo Monroe's family history is largely unknown, save that she was born im Morocco and immigrated to Harlem early at a young age.  She was discovered by powerful psychic and mutants rights activist Charles Xavier in Texas, where she was under arrest for stealing cars. Xavier sent one of his students, a psychic named Jean Grey, to free her, using her mental powers to convince the officers at the precinct she was staying at that she was an FBI agent.

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