Strange Juice


Real Name
Mikatan Narugino, Chiyoko (birth name)
First Appearance
Punch Line, Episode 01 (April 10, 2015)
Kotaro Uchikoshi, Shōta Iwasaki
Team Affiliations
Justice Punch
Hero of Justice, Squeezer of the Souls of Evil, Ally of Justice
Base of Operations
Can "uberfy" to temporarily gain; superhuman strength, speed, agility, and reflexes, and accelerated healing (however repeated usage damages the body)
Skills and Abilities
Skilled martial artist and acrobatic, highly adept with a bike
Tools and Weapons
Straw shaped polearm, bullet proof cape, Speed-Maker motorcycle, Ashido-Maker gun, Face-Maker & Voice Changer, Tou-Maker

Strange Juice is a superheroine from the anime series Punch Line, as well as the visual novel adaptation of the same name.

Origins Edit

Born with the ability to "uberfy" and becoming a research guinea pig as a result, Chiyoko became involved in a body-swapping incident upon her escape from the lab, giving her the body of Guriko. Afterwards she was found as an orphaned, crying girl by a life-like female robot invented by Professor Daihatsu, following her guardian burning their house down with himself inside. The robot took her in, and trained her to become the superheroine "Strange Juice".

Biography Edit

Body Swap Edit

Since she was a young child, Chiyoko had the ability of "uberfication". Typically activated automatically when having a strong psychological reaction to an event, or feeling, it pushes the human body past it's natural limits to achieve superhuman feats. This caused her to become a test subject in a research lab;s projects run by the Qmay terrorist organization, along with two other children with the potentional of uberfication, a boy called Pine, and a girl called Guriko. Chiyoko gained a crush on Pine, however the three of them became best friends, made even stronger by the cruel and inhumane things that they all had to go through together as guinea pigs.

However, one of the men involved in the research projects, Manabu Ishigata, wished to atone for his involvement and so freed the three children from the lab. During the resulting pursuit, he accidentally crashed off the road. Chiyoko, along with Pine and Guriko, became so terrified they underwent uberfication as they fell down toward a river. At that exact moment, a bolt of lighting fell from the sky and struck the car, which caused their spirits to swap places in each other's bodies.

Becoming Strange Juice Edit

When Chiyoko gained conscious again, she found much to her surprise that she now had Guriko's body. Ishigata and had managed to keep together with her after the crash, and he began looking after her in an apartment. However eventually, members of the Qmay group tracked them down, and in order to protect Chiyoko, Ishigata burned the apartment down, along with himself and them inside. Chiyoko would go on to be found crying in front of the burned down apartment by Meika Taihatsu, an extremely life-like robot created by now deceased Professor Daihatsu. Meika's specific purpose, as given to her by her "grandfather" before his death, was to find a certain young girl, take her in, and train her to become a strong superhero who would be a part of a group called "Justice Punch".

Meika did just this, taking Chiyoko in, and moving her away from Tokyo, to the the mountains of Aomori, where they began to live in a old sack. She began to train Chiyoko to bring out the potential that existed within herself, forging her into an skilled fighter, martial artist and acrobatic, as well as training her to be able to uberfy at will. When she was 13 years old, Chiyoko, who by this stage had begun going by the name "Mikatan Narugino", beat up her first "bad guys", in the form of a group of delinquents. The transformation into a superhero now complete, Mikatan moved back to Tokyo with Meika, where she began fighting crime as a secret vigilante. She began to become rather well known as a superhero, as took up the name "Strange Juice". Meika also became her navigator side-kick, "Pumpkin Chair".

Bus Hi-jacking Incident Edit

Events at Korai House Edit

Pained Reunion and Demise Edit

Getting Her Body Back Edit

Powers and Equipment Edit

Strange Juice is able to "uberfy" at will due to the training from Meika, an ability which comes from her having the rare "Hercules Virus". When it has been activated, uberification gives the ability to use superhuman strength, as well as superhuman speed, and agility, allowing her to pull off feats that would otherwise be impossible. It also allows gives an accelerate healing rate, being able to heal even mortal wounds if it is activated. However uberfication comes with the drastic drawback of being a great strain on the body, and repeated usage will ultimately end up destroying it. Such was the case when Mikatan's constant usage of it to fight crime drove her body to it's death, only for her to be saved by being swapped back into her original body. Uberfication itself is, however, tied to the soul, rather then the body, meaning that Mikatan still has her same uberfy ability. This combined with the fact that her body is now her original one, used only a few times in the last handful of days for uberfication by Yuta Iridatsu's spirit, means that she has the ability to activate it again without any immanent danger to her heath. Although whether she willingly uses this again after she returns to fighting crime as Strange Juice isn't known.

Strange Juice's primary weapon is a metal polearm in the shape of a straw, which she uses to beat down her enemies, and her cape which she wears is also bullet proof, allowing her to shield herself from a hail of bullets. Meika also invented many gadgets which she uses. Among these are the Tou-Maker, which is able to turn her invisible, as well as the Face Maker and Voice Maker, which can be used to make her face and voice look and sound exactly like anyone else's, providing Meika has their data. She also has the Ashido-Maker, a gun which can shoot a gloopy-gum like substance which immobilizes anyone it envelops.

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