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Real Name
Morgan Stryker
First Appearance
Cyber Force (Vol. 1) #1 (October, 1992)
Marc Silvestri
Team Affliations
Cyberforce, Cyberdata, Strykeforce
Base of Operations
Super Sight, Super Strength, Heightened Stamina
Skills and Abilities
Leadership, Marksmanship, Tracking
Tools and Weapons
Cybernetic Implants and Augmentations

Stryker is a superhero in the Image Universe (and Top Cow Universe) who is part of Cyberforce and is noted for having three arms on his right side.


A former solider who almost died in battle, Morgan Stryker was transformed into a cyborg by the Cyberdata Corporation.  After discovering the evil intentions of his masters, he broke free of their control and created a team of former Cyberdata soldiers called Cyberforce.


Only vague details are known about Morgan Stryker's past before becoming a soldier save that he is a mutant born with four arms (three of them on his right side), likely in the 1950s.  This mutation was a result of a covert project designed to give birth to more advanced humans, under the supervision and direction of Dr. Peter Reinbeck.  He served in the Vietnam war in a Special Forces platoon made of other mutants.  It is also known is that he was a U.S. army colonel and later a mercenary with extensive training in both fields.

During an extremely dangerous military operation, Morgan Stryker (then a military major) lost three of his arms on his right side and was thought to be K.I.A.  In fact, he was found by the company Cyberdata who transformed him into a cyborg and gabe his three robot arms to replace the ones he lost.  Later, Stryker realized that the cyborgs created by Cyberdata were under Cyberdata's control and decided to rebel and fight against them, helping form a team of rebellious Cyberdata cyborgs called Cyberforce.  Together, Cyberforce waged a campaign of terror against the evil forces of Cyberdata.

However, though Stryker was dedicated to defeating Cyberdata, he was also a mercenary and was still looking to make money.  To this end, he formed a second team of mercenaries called Strykeforce.  Strykeforce gained considerable renown, even acting as an investigating team for the Weatherman (the leader of the global defense team Stormwatch) and bodyguarding the President of the United States.  He also began a sexual relationship with team member Ballistic, though despite their exclusivity, it seemed to be entirely casual.  He also often butted heads with Cyberforce's leader Heatwave, with Heatwave being frustrated at Stryker being absent for key missions.

Stykeforce and Cyberforce would later team up to halt an alien invasion and Stryker disbanded Strykeforce after the mission.  After that, Stryker remained a member of Cyberforce until it disbanded. When Cyberforce reformed, Stryker seemed unaware of it, only catching sight of a shooting star, unaware it was his old teammates on an adventure.


Morgan Stryker was born a mutant with superhuman powers and unusual anatomy.

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