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Stupendous Man


Real Name
Calvin (last name unknown)
First Appearance
Calvin and Hobbes, October 30, 1987
Bill Watterson
Team Affliation
Crimson Bolt, Mysterious Masked Man, Champion of Liberty, Defender of Free Will, Defender of Freedom, Advocate of Liberty, Friend of Freedom, Opponent of Oppression, Lover of Liberty, The Amazing Marvel, Foe of Tyranny, The Masked Man of Mega-Might, The Whirlwind Wonder, Champion of Liberty and Justice
Base of Operations
Calvin's House
Whatever Calvin Imagines, Including Flight
Skills and Abilities
Crime Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons

Stupendous Man is the imaginary superhero alter-ego of Calvin in the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes.


Calvin's mother created this cape and hood for him in a strip (citation needed - somewhere after Yukon Ho but before Scientific Progress Goes Boink). Calvin invented the identity behind the costume in the following strips.


Calvin began taking the identity of Stupendous Man when he became upset with his babysitter for sending him to bed.  He began wearing a homade costume, referring to his babysitter Rosalyn as "Babysitter Girl" and worked to cause trouble for her.  He would later use the identity to attempt get out of a troublesome situation at school, only to get into even more trouble with his teacher, who he dubs "Crab Teacher".  The Stupendous Man identity would often be used to right perceived wrongs against Calvin, usually resulting in Calvin getting in even more trouble.  In Stupendous Man's final appearance, Calvin donned the costume once after bemoaning the lack of real heroes in the world and decided that the "hero business is up to me."


The personality that Calvin created for Stupendous Man is supposed to be a supporter of justice, but it is very apparent that all of "Stupendous Man's" virtuous action's are really petty acts of revenge and rebellion on Calvin's part.  He is usually presented in Calvin's own imagination as determined and fierce.


Calvin has no powers himself, but he imagines the character of Stupendous Man has having them.

Flight - Stupendous Man is often shown having the power of flight.

Ultra-Sonic Hearing - Allowing him to hear things normal humans cannot.

Skills and Abilities[]

It is implied Calvin imagined the character of Stupendous Man of being an experienced crime fighter while Calvin himself's skills as the character are limited to pranks and acts of rebellion.