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'''Stupendous Man''' is the imaginary super-hero alter-ego of Calvin in the comic strip ''Calvin and Hobbes''.
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'''Brick Baxter''', also known as '''Cyber Shadow''', was the main antagonist of [[The Young Guardians and the Genesis Spell]] and sworn nemesis of the [[Young Guardians]].
==Personality and Traits==
Before losing his flesh and blood, Brick Baxter was a sadistic school bully, taking extreme pleasure in tormenting others. His primary targets were Patrick Donovan and his companions, seizing any moment he could in harassing them both physically and emotionally. When he became a cyborg, Brick Baxter was driven completely insane due to the experimental technology that was keeping him alive and a complete lack of sensitivity. His fall to madness was accompanied by an inhuman hatred towards the one who took away his humanity: [[Patrick Donovan]]. To this end, Brick was driven by a blind sense of vengeance towards Patrick and was overly-willing to kill anyone who stood in his way, including the Young Guardians' families. However, despite his insanity and disgust with his condition, Brick relished the power his new body gave him to the point in which he developed a severely arrogant superiority complex. In the end, it was this arrogance that led to Brick's defeat at the hands of the Young Guardians.
=='''Powers and Abilities'''==
'''Augmented Physiology''': Because almost his entire body was replaced by machinery, Brick Baxter possessed physical capabilities that far surpassed any human, which include:
*'''Superhuman Strength''': Cyber Shadow has monstrous physical strength and utilized it on many occasions. His gripping strength was more than enough to crush a man's neck to the point in which the man's head popped off his shoulders. Brick's punching strength was enough to temporarily cripple a being as powerful as [[Tinisha Dolaira]].
*'''Superhuman Durability''': Due to the fact that a majority of his body was made of Tungsten carbide, Cyber Shadow was able to withstand extensive amounts of damage whether if they were barrages of bullets or other powerful superhuman powers. His durability was pushed to its limits when Patrick Donovan almost single-handedly defeated Cyber Shadow, but the cyborg continued fighting.
*'''Superhuman Reflexes''': Despite the extreme weight and density of his robotic body, Cyber Shadow has been proven to be agile in close quarters combat, such as when he easily outmaneuvered Tinisha Dolaira in their one-on-one match.
'''Flight''': Brick's shoulder blades have been shown to open up and provide a form of flight through the use of two jet thrusters. The thrust his ability to fly has been shown to develop enough force to destroy an entire building.
'''Advanced Weaponry''': Brick's artificial physiology was implanted with a wide variety of lethal weapons, such as energy blasts, missile launchers, retractable swords, and so forth. Each weapon in his arsenal has proven to be deadly in their own way, making Cyber Shadow a frightening opponent in battle.
[[The Young Guardians and the Genesis Spell]] (First Appearance)

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Stupendous Man is the imaginary super-hero alter-ego of Calvin in the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes.