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Super Babies

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Real Names
Guillermo and Isabella Marquez
First Appearance
Super Babies
Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh Valdes, Eric Weiner
Team Affliation
Base of Operations
Unknown land (name never given)
X-Ray vision, supersonic hearing, flight, levitation, and super crying.
Skills and Abilities
Problem solving
Tools and Weapons

The Super Babies are two superhero babies from the animated TV series Dora the Explorer episode "Super Babies".

Guillermo is voiced by Hans Alpizar.


Guillermo and Isabella, the baby siblings of Dora, gained superpowers thanks to the powers of Dora's imagination.


The Super Babies were originally Dora's baby siblings, Guillermo and Isabella.  In the episode "Super Babies", Guillermo and Isabella take on their Super Baby identities (with the help of Dora's imagination) when the thief known as Swiper steals all of the bananas from the Banana Festival.  Eventually, they used their powers to help Dora solve a series of puzzles to get the bananas back.


Guillermo - Guillermo Marquez is the male twin of the two babies, and is largely distinguished from his sister with his blue shirt.

Isabella - Isabella Marquez is the female twin of the two babies and is largely distinguished from his brother with her pink shirt and bow.


Guillermo and Isabella are sweet natured children who usually want to help their big sister, Dora.


Both babies share the same super powers.

Flight/Levitation - Both babies are capable of flying around and are able to carry their big sister Dora with them when they fly.

X-Ray Vision - The babies are capable of seeing through solid matter.

Super Hearing - The babies have the ability to hear things that a normal human is unable to detect.

Super Crying - The twins have "Super Crying" which is much louder and more powerful than regular crying.

Skills and Abilities[]

Being infants, the Super Babies don't have a lot of skills and need help from Dora to solve their problems.  Nonetheless they still work hard to help Dora with her efforts.