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Super Best Friends

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First Appearance
South Park, "Super Best Friends"
Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, Moses, Joseph Smith, Krishna, Laozi, Seaman
Hall of the Super Best Friends
Rallying Cry
Gadgets and Vehicles

The Super Best Friends is a superhero team made up of figures from different religions (as well as the aquatic hero Seaman) who have come together to fight evil in the animated TV series South Park.


Believing that the world would benefit from their combined powers, the world's most famous religious figures (and Sea Man) banded together to form a superhero team to help people and to protect the world from evil (except Buddha, who doesn't believe in evil).


The formation of the Super Best Friends has never been revealed, save that at some point, recognizing each other's ability to make the world a better place, the Super Best Friends decided to come together as a team to make the world a better place.  Residing in their HQ, the Super Best Friends watch over the world with the help of the spirit of Moses, who acts as an information network for the rest of the team.

The team famously aided in the battle against David Blaine, who had created a cult and was trying to use his magic powers to overthrow the government and eventually defeated him.  Later, the Team is asked for help by the town of South Park who are under attack by every celebrity the town has ever insulted.  The celebrities demand to have the prophet and Super Best Friends member Muhammad, but the Super Best Friends reveal that he has been unable to show his image in public since their last meeting.