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Super Shout

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Real Name
First Appearance
The Fresh Beat Band, "Fresh Beats in Toyland"
Nadine van der Velde, Scott Kraft
Base of Operations
Flight, super eyesight,
Skills and Abilities
Singing, dancing, playing instruments, handy with tools

Super Shout is the superhero identity of Shout in the show, The Fresh Beat Band. He is portrayed by Thomas Hobson.


Super Shout is a superhero that only appears in a dream Twist had. Super Shout represents a toy that was seen in Reed's window at his music store.


Super Shout came out of his room breaking down the door. He, along with Robot Twist, Ballerina Kiki, and Cowgirl Marina, all went outside to see Toyland. Super Shout is very protective and always checks to see if his archenemies are around. When Robot Twist broke down, Super Shout used his superpower of flight to fly and get a toolbox in order to fix Robot Twist up. When that didn't work, Super Shout used his super eyesight to look for a battery to fix Robot Twist, and finds a toy maker with a large robot-sized battery. Super Shout flied to get the toy maker in order to get the battery, but his fast flying caused an inconvenience because it caused the battery to get stuck on the moon. Luckily, Ballerina Kiki used her ballet moves to elevate up to the moon and get the battery down. But all of those events only happened in Twist's dream.


Flight - Super Shout can fly high to the sky, and in rapid speed too.

Super eyesight - Super Shout has a very strong eyesight. He can use his eyes to zoom in and out of what he looks at.