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The Superhomeys


First Appearance
Empowered (Vol. 1) #1 (March, 2007)
Adam Warren
Captain Rivet, Sistah Spooky, Mindfuck, Major Havoc
Rallying Cry
Gadgets and Vehicles

The Superhomeys are a superhero team in the comic book series Empowered.


The origin of how the Superhomey's formed has never been revealed.


How the team formed remains a mystery, though it can be assumed that they have been a team for at least a few years, having something of a reputation (that the team seems more concerned about than saving the day). At some point Empowered joined the team, but was disappointed to find they were more image-conscious than interested in protecting humanity and relied more of force of might than intelligence or tact. Often, they send Empowered to do much of the hard work, even sending her into a mission alone while they finished watching a reality show.

When the team was visiting the Caped Justice Awards, the entire team was threatened by a villain named dWARF and though they were saved by Empowered, they issued a gag clause that prevented her from revealing this to the public. Though the team members often pick on Empowered, some have grown closer to her with Captain Rivet becoming a mentor figure and Syndablock and Mindf**k trying to support her emotionally.


  • Major Havoc - The official leader of the Superhomeys
  • Empowered - Though a relatively new member to the team, Empowered's willingness to do the right thing often leads to her doing the teams heavy lifting and dirty work when they don't feel like it or aren't up to the task.
  • Sistah Spooky - One of the team's more popular members and a rival to Empowered.
  • Captain Rivet - One of the team's senior members and one of the kinder members.
  • Divangelic - A winged member of the team.
  • Yummy Mummy - A member of the team covered in bandages.
  • Plutonium Blonde - A radioactive team member.
  • Mechanismo - Mechanismo is a robotic member of the team.
  • Jugganaut - Jugganaut is one of the lesser seen team members who wears a provocative outfit.
  • Q Girl - A superheroine described as insecure.
  • Mindf**k - A powerful telepath who spends most of her time off-world to silence the thoughts of others.


The Superhomeys' base is the Homeycrib in which they spend most of their time simply hanging out.