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Real Name
First Appearance
Superman: Red Son #1 (June, 2013)
Mark Millar, Dave Johnson, Jerry Seigel (original Superman character), Joe Shuster (original Superman character)
Team Affliations
Man of Steel, Comrade of Steel, The Man of Tomorrow, Soviet of Steel, Clark Kent, Comrade Superman
Base of Operations
Flight, Healing, Heat Vision, Ice Breath, Super Intelligence, Invulnerability, Longevity, Omni-lingual, Stamina, Super Hearing, Super Smell, Super Speed, Super Strength
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience, Leadership
Tools and Weapons

Superman is a superhero of the DC Multiverse from an alternate reality where the cold war between the USSR and the United States of America never ended and is based on the Superman of the DC Universe.


When powerful alien Kal-L landed on Earth in the USSR as an infant, he was taken in by government and instilled with it's values, fighting for righteousness as Superman.


In the 1950s, a rocket crashed into the USSR, where it was discovered by an old farming couple.  Soon, the child was wrested from the hands of the couple by the government and the child was raised by them.  The boy grew up to be brave and good-hearted with a strong passion for communism.  He even became part of Joseph Stalin's inner circle and was used as a propaganda tool for the government.

When he was unveiled to the public, this caused tensions between the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A. to increase, and an arms race for superhumans began.  This also gained the attention of brilliant American scientist Lex Luthor, who is was confident in his ability to defeat Superman.  While saving the American citizens, Superman met Lois Lane-Luthor, Lex's wife, and the two feel romantic tension. As part of Luthor's plan, Luthor sends a satellite crashing to Earth, which Superman diverted from hurting American citizens, and is able to secretly collect Superman's DNA from it, using it to create a Superman clone to defeat him.  Superman ends up battling the clone, named Bizarro, though the clone ends up sacrificing it's life to save innocents.

Realizing the battle could have ended potentially much more dangerous, Superman attempted to distance himself from the cold war until he meets Lana Lazarenko, a childhood friend, who is suffering and starving under the current regime.


The Supergirl series did the "Supergirl" version of this: Red Daughter.