The Superman Revenge Squad

Superman Revenge Squad.jpg

First Appearance
Superboy #94 (January, 1962) [as Superboy Revenge Squad], Action Comics #286 (March, 1962) [as Superman Revenge Squad]
George Papp
Morgan Edge, Maxima, Barrage, Riot, Anomaly
Rallying Cry

The Superman Revenge Squad (and the Superboy Revenge Squad) are the names of several teams in the DC Universe, usually made up of a ragtag team of villains looking to get revenge on Superman.

Origin[edit | edit source]

A team created by aliens who were once before defeated by Superboy for reasons of revenge.  Eventually the name was taken by other teams of aliens and villains looking to defeat Superboy (and later Superman).

History[edit | edit source]

Invaders from Space[edit | edit source]

Aliens from the planet Wexr II once tried to conquer the Earth, only to be defeated by the superhero Superboy.  Eventually, an army from Wexr II created a special team called the Superboy Revenge Squad in an attempt to avenge their defeat, only for themselves to be defeated once again.  Later, the Squad reformed as the Superman Revenge Squad to defeat an adult Superman with a team formed of aliens who were all defeated by Superman.

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