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Superwoman is the name of several superheroines and supervillainesses in the DC Universe.

DC Comics[]

  • Superwoman is a supervillain from the universe Earth-Three. She is the Wonder Woman equivalent of Earth-Three, and instead of a "Lasso of True" has a Lasso of Submission.The character appears mainly in video games in the animated film Crisis of the Two Earths, this version of the super woman is actually an alternative version of Mary Marvel, the evil equivalent of Wonder Woman is a character called Olympia.
  • In some comics, female characters like Lois Lane were temporarily super women, but the most well-known character with that name is the villain. (In an episode of Lois & Clark there was an incident in which Lois temporarily gained powers and called herself Ultra Woman).
  • This site includes the character Lana Lang who was the Superwoman when the comics were in the silver phase and returned to New 52.