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Real Name
Elizabeth Twoyoungmen
First Appearance
Alpha Flight (vol. 1) #5 (December, 1983)
John Byrne
Team Affliations
Omega Flight, Alpha Flight, Beta Flight
The Binder of Spirits, The Breaker of Dark Spells, The Promised One
Base of Operations
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Various Magical Abilities
Skills and Abilities
Magical mastery
Coronet of Enchantment, medicine bag

Talisman (Elizabeth Twoyoungmen) is the name of a superhero in the Marvel Universe and a member of Alpha Flight.


While following her father, the superhero Shaman, on a mission to stop a great evil, Elizabeth Twoyoungmen came into contact with a magic Coronet, which gave her great magic powers to fight evil as Talisman.



Elizabeth Twoyoungmen was born in Calgary, Alberta as the daughter of Katherine and Dr. Michael Twoyoungmen along with her sister Narya.  When Elizabeth was four, her mother became very ill and her father promised that he would save her.  When Michael failed, it caused a schism between Elizabeth and her father and Elizabeth grew up with a neighbor family, the MacNeils, for over 15 years.

Alpha Flight[]

When Elizabeth called on her father after finding a strange spirit escaping from an archeological dig, he arrived as the superhero Shaman.  Elizabeth revealed that she knew he was Shaman, despite a spell that would disguise him, which Shaman believed was due to magic users in her bloodline.  During their first adventure, Elizabeth learned this wasn't the case and in fact that she was the modern day incarnation of a mythical figure named the Talisman.

Not long after, Elizabeth was recruited by Alpha Flight, making her the second member to join without government training.  However, during a mission, Shaman is faced with a dilemma where he can only save one team member: Snowbird or Talisman.  Shaman chose Snowbird and though Elizabeth was saved, she became vengeful towards her father.  She decided to show up her father by calling upon a spirit, which she would defeat and humble her father, who would be unable to.  However, it defeated her instead and her father took her circlet to defeat the demon herself.  Following this, Michael took on the name and powers of the Talisman and Elizabeth, now humbled, decided to return to her university studies.


During a dig for the university, Elizabeth found an ancient cairn with a magical object inside but passed out before she could touch it.  Then in her dreams she was contacted by Narya who warned of the coming of a dangerous foe named the Dreamqueen and that she must become Talisman once again to battle her.  She did just that and joined Alpha Flight once again and together they were able to defeat the Dreamqueen.  Not long after she teamed up with the sorcerer Doctor Strange to defeat the evil magic user Llan.


During another adventure, Talisman was helping to battle the villain known as the Master of the World and worked to free the people he experimented on.