Hey. Nobody takes my Liam the Leprechaun Wiki seriously. I get why; after all, it is about a comedy web series. But WHY IN THE HELL does nobody take this Wiki seriously? Come on, it's about superheroes, for crying out loud! As in, Batman? Ghost Rider? Hellboy? Friggin' HELLBOY?! Helloo~ Superheroes aren't all la~ ti~ da~ fun-and-games anymore, guys. TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY. This is Superhero Wiki, not Morons Can Use Photoshop Wiki. That opened three minutes from now. --"Henry Medals" (Talk | Contributions) Not that anyone cares 20:20, April 6, 2012 (UTC)

This is Morons Can Use Photoshop Wiki. Take your cheap photoshop crap there. --"Henry Medals" (Talk | Contributions) Not that anyone cares 20:01, April 14, 2012 (UTC)


I'VE seen ever superhero movie that as ever been I'VE seen all the superman movies ever X-Man movie and ever incredible hulk movie and when i was a kid i would watch ever batman movie  i love movies about superhero's i hope there will be a wonder woman movie one of this day and i think there should be a Justice League  movie as will i all so would like to see a movie about the Black Cat from the show Spider-Man I'VE been waiting for something like that to happen and am steal waiting is there any more superhero movies that are coming out and I'VE all so been to that Superhero Websaite where real people go out in the world dress up in costume's help people just doing little thing like that i think it cool that there are real people out there dress up as Superhero help people i think the world needs Superhero's..


i like him being Superman i would like to see him playing Superman again i think he was much better Superman then that Other guy and  if there ever another Superman movie i hope he will return as Superman i wish there a Superman and Superboy movie it would be nice to see him and his son to teach his son about how to us his superpower and see want other thing that will happen as will all be waiting for Brandon to return as Superman once more when ever that is and i hope that will come to be i hope something like that will happen..

^Oh. There's your problem. Too many of them. --"Henry Medals" (Talk | Contributions | My DeviantART) 23:08, October 17, 2013 (UTC)

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