Tangent Universe

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DC Comics
Notable Characters
Atom, The Flash, Green Lantern, The Joker
Earth-9, Earth-97

The Tangent Universe is a reality based on the DC Universe, in which names from the DC Universe are taken and have new characters based on them.

History[edit | edit source]

The world of the Tangent Universe (or Earth Tangent) is one that is relatively normal save for the presence of superheroes.  However, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the superhero the Atom interfered in a way that resulted in the complete destruction of Florida.  A new city, New Atlantis, was founded on the Georgia shoreline near the desolation of Florida.  This triggered other notable changes to the timeline: America conclusively won Vietnam in 1968, President Richard Nixon was assassinated during a visit to China in 1975 and the USSR remained intact as a global superpower until 1998.

In 1968, as a response to Czechoslovokia's invasion by the USSR, the US government created a black ops military team known as the Metal Men.  In  the 1970s, the organization Nightforce decided to create more metahumans in a small town but the experiment left an infant, Harvey Dent, the only survivor.

Over time, the radiation produced from the destruction of Florida resulted in sentient, mutant sea creatures known as the Sea Devils, that eventually lived alongside, though not with, humanity.  Other heroes also emerged such as the Atom, the Flash and Plastic Man.  Eventually, a group of these heroes formed in secret, calling themselves the Secret Six.

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