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Backstory: Tansit's backstory is one of, if not the most mysterious of all of Space Ghost's enemies. While there is almost nothing to go on, one could speculate that he might be an ex-henchman of one of Space Ghost's enemies. If Tansit was at one point a henchman this would explain where he got all of his technology and gear. If so, he would have had to have henched for a villain who had access to a lot of gadgetry and weapons.

Tansit first appeared in an episode of Space Ghost called, "Hi Jackers." He is known for his unique flying chariot that is equipped with lasers. He does not possess any super powers, instead he relies on gadgets and henchmen to carry out his dirty work.

The Death of Tansit: At the end of the episode: "Hi Jackers", Tansit's flying Chariot is damaged in his fight with Space Ghost, causing it to throw Tansit out into the Death Mists, where no one has ever returned from.He was presumed dead

The Return of Tansit: Tansit makes his return in an issue of Cartoon Network presents called Space Ghost #1