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Real Name
Tatsumaki (tornado in Japanese)
First Appearance
One-Punch Man, A New Wind Blows (2012)
Team Affiliations
Hero Association
Tornado of Terror
Base of Operations
Hero Association Headquarters
Skills and Abilities
Master Psychic Combatant

Tatsumaki is a superhero and a character of the manga and anime series One Punch Man.


As a child, Tatsumaki was born with psychic powers and she was taken away by scientists at the age of seven, to test her powers.


Her psychic abilities eventually led to her being taken away from her adopted family at the age of seven by scientists interested in studying her powers. Her parents were given money for complying. She was tested on by the scientists because of her extraordinary powers. They rewarded her with candy and toys for cooperation, but denied her requests to go outside. Moreover, the scientists locked her up in a cell whenever she wouldn't use her powers. 18 years ago, when she was 10, a monster outbreak occurred while she was still locked in a cell, leaving her alone to fend off the monster. Luckily, Blast managed to come to Tatsumaki's rescue. He then introduced himself to the young esper and questioned her on why she didn't use her psychic powers to save herself. Tatsumaki answered that her powers weren't working, but Blast recognized that she was lying, and warned her to not expect anyone to save her next time.

Later on in her life, she encountered the rouge esper Otento and held grudge against him. An unknown number of years before the events of the main story, Tatsumaki saved Fubuki from bullies at their school, launching a kid who tried jumping on her into the air. The rest of the kids ran into the school building, but Tatsumaki retaliated by momentarily lifting the entire building into the air. She then told Fubuki to either come to her or retaliate when she was being bullied.


Tatsumaki is a petite woman, commonly mistaken for being much younger than she really is. She has an adolescent face with emerald green eyes, and green hair that naturally curls up on the ends. She wears a form-fitting black dress with long sleeves, and four high-cut leg slits that show off her legs and low-heeled black shoes. She is occasionally drawn in ONE's simplistic webcomic style.


Tatsumaki has a rather brash, moody, hotheaded, and impatient personality. She is disrespectful towards most people, especially to those she deems incompetent. She is completely intolerant to those she deems impertinent, as shown when she slammed Genos into a large piece of rubble for retaliating against her verbal abuse of Saitama. Tatsumaki especially dislikes being ignored or being called things like "brat" and "runt".

Despite her arrogant personality, she feels obligated to defeat monsters and considers her job as a hero to be a duty, accepting any of the Hero Association's requests to defeat monsters. Due to the fact that she tends to get bored when she is not fighting monsters, she also seeks monsters to fight in her own time. She has a bit of a soft side towards her little sister, Fubuki, but she is also very overprotective and controlling of her.

Tatsumaki is extremely confident in her strength. During the S-Class meeting for Waganma's rescue, she claims multiple times that no monster stands a chance against her, and even takes the situation nonchalantly to a certain extent.

Deep down she has a strong dislike for anything that reminds her of her dark childhood past, such as despising the criminal monsters who involve kids like Tareo into dangerous hopeless situations.


Psychokinesis: Tatsumaki is the most powerful esper in the series. Her psychokinetic output surpasses even Geryuganshoop. She is capable of effortlessly stopping a very powerful bombardment attack from Boros' giant spaceship as well as sending them back at the ship with the same, if not more, force. According to manga illustrator Yusuke Murata, Tatsumaki can lift the entirety of Z-City.Tatsumaki can also sense when her younger sister is in danger. In her brief fight against Hundred-Eyes Octopus, an enormous Demon-level monster with the size of a skyscraper if not bigger, she effortlessly sent the monster flying in the air and crushed it with her telekinesis power. During her call from the Hero Association to discuss the rescue of Narinki's son, she asked Commander Sekingar if she couldn't just destroy Z-City to find him. Her psychic abilities are powerful enough to withstand Psykos's increasing the gravity by 300 times. At full power, she was able to lift the entire Monster Association Headquarters out of the ground while simultaneously shielding multiple other heroes inside the facility. She was also able to throw mountain-sized rocks at very high speeds. After finally pulling the other heroes out of the Monster Association HQ, Tatsumaki was shown to have the upper hand against the fusion of Psykos and Orochi and completely destroyed most of the fusion monster's body by twisting it, causing the entire Z-City to distort in the process.