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Terra is the name of several heroes and villains in the DC Universe, the most famous being a member of the Teen Titans who was a villain posing as a hero.

Tara Marakov[]



Real Name
Tara Markov
First Appearance
New Teen Titans #26 (December, 1982)
Marv Wolfman, George Pérez
Team Affliations
Teen Titans, The Black Lantern Corps, Justice League, Deathstroke
Base of Operations
Titans Tower
Geokinesis, the ability to manipulate and control the earth at will and all earthly substances and materials and create various shapes out of solid rock
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons

Tara Marakov is the half-sister of the superhero Geo-Force and was a Teen Titan before revealing herself as a traitor.


The illegitimate daughter of the King of Markovia, Tara was experimented on and given earth controlling powers before being exiled and growing up as a criminal, later posing as a hero to infiltrate the Teen Titans.


Tara Marakov, was an illegitimate child of King Victor of Markvoia (her mother remains unknown) and was the half-sister to Brion Marakov.  She came into the care of the brilliant Dr. Helga Jace, a scientist who gave her superpowers that allowed her to control earth manipulation powers.  Afterwards, her father had Tara sent away to the United States to avoid a scandal related to her illegitimacy.


Appears in Teen Titans, Lego Batman 3, Young Justice and Justice League vs Teen Titans.


There was a second Terra in the Team Titans timeline, created using Tara Markov's DNA. She joined the regular Titans, but was killed by Black Adam during World War III


Atlee hails from an intra-terrestrial race of people that live deep below the planet's surface. Her people's culture are intrinsically tied to the sanctity of the Earth, and they occasionally take measures to insure that the ecosystem is protected. To this end, Atlee was given geokinetic powers based upon the genetic template of her predecessor, Tara Markov. Taking human form, she rose to the surface world and began adventuring as a super-hero. Taking the name Terra, she hit the streets of New York determined to help out those in need. In one of her first adventures, she teamed up with Supergirl to fight an evolved, talking dinosaur known as an Empathosaur from wreaking havoc near a trendy New York Nightclub.