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Terry the Kid

Terry the Kid.jpg

Real Name
Terry (last name, if any, unknown)
First Appearance
Kinnikuman Nisei, Prologue #2
Team Affliations
Kid and Jade, The Adrenalins, New Century Machineguns
Terry "The Grand" Kenyon (English translation)
Base of Operations
Super Strength, Super Durability
Skills and Abilities
Top-Level Wrestler

Terry the Kid (In the English anime, Terry "The Grand" Kenyon) is a superhero wreslter in the manga and anime series Kinnikuman Nisei (called Ultimate M.U.S.C.L.E. in English) and the son of the superhero Terryman.


The son of the superhero Terryman, Terry the Kid dedicated himself to become a worthy hero like his father was.


Terry was born the son of the superhero Terryman and Natsuko Shōno, a Japanese reporter in Amarillo, Texas.  Terry grew up with a chip on his shoulder, long feeling that the superhero Kinnikuman had stolen the glory that belonged to his father and was angry at his father for not standing up for himself.  In his teen years, Terry joined the Hercules Factory and seeing that Kinnikuman's son Mantaro was there, he decided to prove himself the superior warrior.  Terry spent his time training hard at the Hercules Factory, as well as looking down on, mocking and bullying Mantaro, thinking him a spoiled brat. When Mantaro was in a brutal battle against the villain Anaconda, Terry sits on the sidelines complaining that he should be the one fighting until taking a blow from Anaconda on the leg.