Thor Jane Foster.jpg

Real Name
Jane Foster
First Appearance
Journey into Mystery #84 (September, 1962) [as Jane Foster], Thor (vol. 4) #1 (October, 2014) [as Thor]
Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Jack Kirby
Team Affiliations
Secret Avengers, Avengers
Base of Operations
New York City
superhuman strength, speed, stamina and durability, Dimensional transportation, Electric manipulation, Flight, Weather manipulation
Skills and Abilities
Practicing Nurse, Fighting Experience

Jane Foster is an ally of the superhero Thor and became Thor herself recently following Thor's loss of worthiness.

Origin[edit | edit source]

When Thor lost his worth, he decided to give his hammer, Mjolnir, to Jane Foster, a person he loved and believed he was worthy of his power.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Jane Foster's early childhood is largely unknown.

Media[edit | edit source]

Appears in Avengers: Earth's Mightest Heroes. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will continue in the upcoming film Thor: Love and Thunder (2022), in which she will become Mighty Thor.

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