The Thor in these comics is considered a madman who thinks he is Thor because all his power comes from his hammer (which is a hammer mixed with an ax), he has no super strength and it is still revealed that everything is an invention of Dr. Doanld Blake friend of Thor, with Thor also revealing that he is the only one who can lift his weapon because this is a safety device of the armor (in these comics he has the extra power of teleportation), and claims that he was an Asgardian, but during an incident Odin (who is currently a spirit with power) turned him into a mortal, on two occasions he proved his true origin first invoked an army of Asrgardians for a fight, and on another he was killed while without his armor and Odin brought him back by returning his power with him now having all the power in him and a copy of the armor (only as armor) and a weapon similar to the other (which he was using to channel his power).

Media[edit | edit source]

The producer of Thor's film said he was inspired by the personality of this version of the character to make that of the film, and in the film he is considered a madman who thinks he is Thor, until two proofs arise: Asgardians coming and he being saved from death recovering your power. The events of the Ragnarok and Infinite War films led Thor to win a weapon similar to that of the ultimate comics with the power of teleportation and the idea of ​​all power in it.

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