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Titans East

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First Appearance
Teen Titans (Vol. 2) #43 (March, 2007)
Geoff Johns
Anima, Hawk and Dove, Lagoon Boy, Little Barda, Power Boy, Son of Vulcan
New York City base
Rallying Cry
"Titans together!"
Teen Titans East

Titans East (AKA Teen Titans East) are the name of a superhero team in the DC Universe and is an offshoot of the Teen Titans.


The original Titans East was designed by the villain Deathstroke to defeat the original Teen Titans.  Following that, a new team with that name was formed by the hero Cyborg to protect the East Coast as the Teen Titans defended the West Coast.


Deathstroke's Titans[]

The first team known as Titans East was formed by Deathstroke, one of the Titans oldest foes.  Though initially seeming to be a part of a plot to destroy the Titans, Deathstroke in fact created the team to test the resolve of his daughter, Ravager, before accepting her choice to join the Titans.  He formed a team of antiheroes and young villains and forced the two sides into battle, which the original Teen Titans won.  Following this, Deathstroke's team of Titans disbanded.

Cyborg's Titans[]

Later, the former Teen Titan Cyborg formed his own team of Teen Titans to protect the East Coast. However, not long after their formation, they were attacked by an unknown assailant, resulting in the death of member Power Boy.

Alternate versions[]

The Teen Titans first encountered a team known as Titans East in an alternate future.


In the Teen Titans animated series, the members of this Titans East are:

  • Cyborg (temporary leader)
  • Bumblebee (leader)
  • Aqualad
  • Speedy
  • Más y Menos