Tom Oliver (portrayed by Jason David Frank) is an exact clone of Tommy Oliver that was created and put under a spell by the Wizard of Deception to serve as the an evil Green Ranger variant for Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. He is referred as "Tom" to differentiate himself from Tommy Oliver. Tom wears a green bandana with a ponytail behind his head. Being Tommy's perfect duplicate, Tom can easily deceive the Power Rangers to believe that Tommy has betrayed them to their enemies. He also has all of Tommy's tactics and trainings along with his former Green Ranger powers, allowing him to be able to anticipate most of his doppelgänger's actions. Under the Wizard of Deception's powers, the Dragonzord's strength level is on par with the White Ranger's Tigerzord.

In a battle with some Putties, Tommy was knocked unconscious, and the Wizard cut a lock from his hair and turned him into an evil clone, imbued with the restored Green Ranger powers. The clone tricked the other Rangers into meeting him in an isolated spot, where the Wizard of Deception sent them back to colonial Angel Grove. He then confronted Tommy, who was suffering a headache, caused by some of his powers being used to recreate the Green Ranger. The two Rangers fought each other to a draw until the Wizard intervened, zapping Tommy with his wand, causing him to demorph and lie in a coma. The Green Ranger then went to the Command Center to threaten Zordon, and then unleashed the Dragonzord on Angel Grove.

When Tommy was revived to full strength, he summoned his White Tigerzord to defend the city, but Dragonzord, energized by the Wizard's evil, soundly beat him. Tommy then stole the Wizard's wand, went back to rescue the other Rangers, and brought them back to summon the Thunder Megazord and deal with the Dragonzord. He then destroyed the Wizard, breaking the spell on the Green Ranger, whom he now called Tom.

Tom, much like Tommy was, was sick with remorse after being freed from the spell, but Tommy convinced him that he could still do good based on his own experience. Tom broke the spell on the Dragonzord and sent him back to the sea. The White and Green Rangers went back in time to colonial Angel Grove to destroy the Rat Monsters the Wizard had created to torture the other Rangers. Afterwards, despite Tommy's attempts to persuade Tom to join the Power Rangers, Tom decided to stay in colonial Angel Grove so he could do some good things for the citizens, yet keeping the Green Ranger's powers. Tom's power coin is later found by Tommy at some point, allowing him to fight alongside the Megaforce Rangers as the Green Ranger and defeat the Armada.

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