Tom Turbine

Tom Turbine

Real Name
First Appearance
Justice League, "Legends Part I"
Andrew Kreisberg, Bruce Timm
Team Affliations
The Justice Guild
Base of Operations
unnamed city
Super Strength, Flight
Skills and Abilities
Genius Intellect, Nuclear Physics Expert
Energy Belt

Tom Turbine is a superhero and a member of the Justice Guild who appears in the animated TV series Justice League in the two part episode "Legends". Based in Atom (Al Pratt) and Superman Golden age.

Tom Turbine is voiced by Ted McGinley.


Tom Turbine's origin was never revealed.


Tom Turbine's past remains largely unrevealed.  He was a superhero and a member of the superhero team known as the Justice Guild in an alternate timeline during the 40's.  However, Tom and the other superheroes died due to an unknown event that left the Earth in ruins, quite possibly a nuclear attack.

However, the attack resulted in one young man, Ray Thompson, becoming mutated with extremely power psychic powers that allowed him to alter reality.  Seeing the horror the world had become, the boy recreated reality to resemble his vision of a glorious past, including resurrecting his beloved heroes as his best friends.

Tom and the Justice Guild were resurrected and began to continue to fight crime once more, unaware of their deaths and that Ray was in control of the situations.  When the heroes of the Justice League materialized in their timeline, the teams initially fought, mistaking each other for villains, but soon realized that they are on the same side.

The two teams began working together, but eventually the Justice League began to suspect something was wrong with the world after discovering the graves of the Justice Guild and seeing that average citizens were scared of something.  The League discovered hidden from sight a graveyard for the members of the Justice Guild and confronted the Guild with the truth of their world.

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