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Tonde Burin

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Real Name
Karin Kokubu, Kassie Carlen [English language version]
First Appearance
Ciao, October 1994
Taeko Ikeda
Team Affliations
Super Pig, Pig Girl of Love and Courage, Super Boink, Super Big, Super Cerdita, Superświnka
Base of Operations
No information
Skills and Abilities
Problem Solving Skills
Tools and Weapons

Tonde Burin is a pig-themed superheroine and the star of the manga series Tonde Burin.


When young girl Karin Kokubu helped a hungry pig, it repayed her with the ability to turn into a super-powered pig.


Karin Kokubu was born to her parents Shinichiro (the editor-in-chief of the Akebono Times, a local newspaper) and fashion designer Rikako Kokubu.  She grew into her teens leading a normal life until the day she came across a yellow pig.  The pig looks injured at first, but Karin finds out it is just hungry when she gives it an apple.  When Karin finally gets to school, she discovers that the pig secretly stowed away in her bookbag.  Karin was soon shocked to discover that the pig she saved is able to talk and fly.  The pig, in return for helping her, gave her a "Dream Tonpact" a magical compact mirror with a small pig snout inside.

The pig went onto explain that he was Prince Tonrariano the 3rd from the apple-shaped planet of Buringo and as thanks for helping him, he would give her the power to become a superhero. However, Karin discovered that her form was that of a pig, albeit one with fantastical powers.