Tornado Twins

Tornado Twins

Real Names
Donald "Don" Wallace Allen, Dawn Jae Allen
First Appearance
Adventure Comics #373 (October, 1968)
Win Mortimer, Jim Shooter
Team Affiliations
The Legion of Super-Heroes
Base of Operations
The Legion Clubhouse
Super Speed
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Legion Flight Rings

The Tornado Twins are a pair of superheroes in the DC Universe and were descendants of the Flash.


Descendants of the superhero the Flash, Don and Dawn Allen learned that they could gain super speed on "Flash Day", a holiday honoring the Flash.


Donald Wallace Allen and Dawn Jae Allen were the children of Barry Allen (better known as the superhero The Flash) and Iris West.   Born after their father's death, they were raised in the 30th Century by their mother.  They were born with super powers but Iris encouraged the children to hide them, knowing that the Earth Government was known for exploiting superpowered people.

In other media Edit

The two characters appear as children in the cartoon Young Justice.

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