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Real Name
Robyn Slinger
First Appearance
Top 10 (Vol. 1) #1 (September, 1999)
Alan Moore, Gene Ha, Zander Cannon
Team Affliation
Top 10
Base of Operations
Skills and Abilities
Police Training and Experience, Scientific Genius and Ability to Create Various Robots
Tools and Weapons
Toybox filled with Robots

Toybox is a superhero police officer from the comic book series Top Ten in the ABC Universe.


Robyn Slynger was the daughter of another super-police officer who eventually joined the 10th Precinct of Neopolis, a city of superheroes and former villains.


Robyn Slinger was born in Neopolis to her father, the superhero Colonel Lilliput and her mother, who was in fact Pandora, the famous figure from Greek mythology who loosed evils on the Earth with her curiosity. She was given the original Pandora's box but rather than containing the evils of the world, it contains her father's toy-like inventions. She eventually grew up to become a police officer and joined the 10th Precinct of Neopolis, often refered to as the Top 10. She was soon partnered with Smax, a powerful cop and the two initially don't get along, though they slowly develop a strong relationship.

Toybox became key in a case involving an addictive super drug and was nearly killed when it turned out the commissioner of police was involved, who used her powers to decimate the tenth precinct. Thankfully, she was saved, possibly due to the existance of a being named the Rumor, whose existance was never proven, and she eventually recovered from her injuries.

Afterward, Robyn accompanied Smax and learned that he hailed from a fantasy realm where certain scientific laws no longer worked.  At first, she felt helpless without her robots but even in a world with altered scientific rules she was able to use her wits to help Smax defeat a dragon and reunite with his sister.

Five years later, she and the rest of the Precinct intentionally chose to disregard orders from superiors in order to save the world from an out of control superhuman.