Turgot, the Puppet Master


Real Name
First Appearance
Adventures into the Unknown #2
Frank Belknap Long, Edvard Moritz
Team Affiliations
Base of Operations
creating autonomous puppets, ghost powers
Skills and Abilities
puppets, sword

Origin[edit | edit source]

Turgot, the Puppet Master began his story in France during the 16th century. Turgot performs puppet plays for the queen. This seemingly innocent entertainment has a darker side, as Turgot's puppets are autonomous and obey his orders to kill.

Turgot's four puppets are called the strangler, the courtier, the hangman, and the witch. His assistant is a beautiful young woman named Jeanne. Her brother Pierre warns her away from Turgot, but she goes to the puppeteer in secret to assist him with his puppets. Turgot tells Jeanne she is to marry him, but she spurns his offer, giving his age as being twice her own as a reason.

Angry, Turgot tells the strangler to kill her. She screams Pierre's name, and her brother rushes to assist her. Using a stick from the fireplace, Pierre fends off the puppets. When Turgot charges Pierre with a sword, Pierre throws the flaming stick. This causes Turgot to fall on his own sword and dies. Pierre throws the puppets into the fire.

Turgot returns as a ghost. He animates his puppets from the embers. He continues to have them kill through the centuries those who threaten his home. In 1948, newlyweds Ralph and Gloria decide to purchase the house and have it dismantled, shipping to their home in the U.S. to be rebuilt. The ghost of Turgot finds Gloria to be the spitting image of his lost love, Jeanne. He has his puppets slay the boat's captain, which Gloria sees.

The couple goes ahead with reconstructing the house, where it is infested with the murderous puppets and the ghost or Turgot. Gloria goes to the house to see Ralph's body stabbed through the back. Turgot grabs her and claims ownership. The real Ralph comes into the house with a flame pistol, having studied up on the type of ghosts he faced. He destroys Turgot and his puppets with fire from his flame pistol.

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

Turgot can animate puppets. As a ghost, he has the ability to grasp objects and people. He and his puppets are susceptible to flame.

Public Domain Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Adventures into the Unknown #2
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