|Box title = Two-Face |Image file = Two-Face.jpg |Image size = 250 |Row 1 title = Real Name |Row 1 info = Harvey Dent |Row 2 title = First Appearance |Row 2 info = Detective Comics (Vol. 1) #66 (August, 1942) |Row 3 title = Creators |Row 3 info = Bill Finger, Bob Kane |Row 4 title = Team Affliations |Row 4 info = Injustice League, Injustice Gang, Underground Society |Row 5 title = Aliases |Row 5 info = Apollo, Janus, Mr. Duall, Count Enhance |Row 6 title = Base of Operations |Row 6 info = Gotham City |Row 7 title = Powers |Row 7 info = Toxic Immunity |Row 8 title = Skills and Abilities |Row 8 info = Extensive knowledge in law, Experienced hand-to-hand combatant and detective, Expert marksmanship skills with twin semi-automatic handguns |Row 9 title = Paraphenalia |Row 9 info = Handguns}}Two-Face (Harvey Dent) is a villain in DC Universe and an  an enemy (and former ally) of Batman.


Formerly, a heroic and good-hearted District Attorney, Harvey Dent had acid splashed on half of face by a criminal during a trial.  As a result, half of Dent's faced was hideously scarred and Dent was driven mad.  Now obsessed with duality, Dent became a criminal who decided his own fate and the fate of others with the flip of a coin.

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