Real Name
Harvey Dent, Harvey Kent (Golden Age version)
First Appearance
Detective Comics (Vol. 1) #66 (August, 1942)
Bill Finger, Bob Kane
Team Affliations
Injustice League, Injustice Gang, Underground Society
Apollo, Janus, Mr. Duall, Count Enhance
Base of Operations
Gotham City
Toxic Immunity
Skills and Abilities
Extensive knowledge in law, Experienced hand-to-hand combatant and detective, Expert marksmanship skills with twin semi-automatic handguns

Two-Face (Harvey Dent or Harvey Kent in his earliest appearances) is a villain in DC Universe and an  an enemy (and former ally) of Batman.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Formerly, a heroic and good-hearted District Attorney, Harvey Dent had acid splashed on half of face by a criminal during a trial.  As a result, half of Dent's faced was hideously scarred and Dent was driven mad.  Now obsessed with duality, Dent became a criminal who decided his own fate and the fate of others with the flip of a coin.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Golden Age (Earth-Two)[edit | edit source]

  • This version of Two-Face is from a different continuity to his modern day counterpart and has a different birth name. He was introduced in the Golden Age of comic books, but the stories of the Golden Age were later transferred to the "Earth-Two " continuity.

Very little is known about the Early life of Harvey "Apollo" Kent.  At some point he became an extremely dedicated and gifted attorney in Gotham City.  This eventually brought him into conflict with the crime boss "Boss" Maroni and later prosecuting him.  During the trial, Maroni threw sulphuric acid into Kent's face, which resulted in heavy scarring on his left hand and the left side of his face.

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