Real Name
First Appearance
Action Comics (Vol. 1) #13 (June, 1939)
Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Team Affiliations
Secret Society of Super Villains, Time Stealers
Delores Winters, Johnny Thunder
Base of Operations
Superhuman strength, Mind transference, Telepathy, Mind control
Skills and Abilities
Genius-level intelligence

The Ultra-Humanite is a supervillain in the DC Universe and is the first supervillain Superman fought in the Golden Age.

Origin[edit | edit source]

A mad scientist, Gerard Shugel learned radical techniques, including brain transplantation, to become a super-criminal known as the Ultra-Humanite.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Golden Age (Earth-Two)[edit | edit source]

  • DC Comics stories that take place in the Golden Age of Comic Books were retro-actively declared taking place in the reality known as Earth-Two.

The Ultra-Humanite's true name and history remains unknown.  At the time, his mind was considered to be the most brilliant and agile mind on Earth, a quality attributed to the result of a scientific experiment.  He was even developing mental psionic powers like telepathy but soon found that his body couldn't keep up with it and began to burn out.  Soon, he was reduced to a small, disabled old man due to the strain.  He began using his intellect for crime and his first involved a protection racket for taxis in Metropolis, setting him against Metropolis' protector Superman.

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